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Skywatch Meteos is an anemometer-thermometer which accurately measures the force of the wind regardless of its direction. Skywatch Meteos is powered by two replaceable LR6 batteries. The display is made to the tenth of a unit up to 99.9, then to the unit. A thread under the device allows it to be attached to a photo tripod.

Measurement of the perceived temperature: As you know, low temperatures are dangerous for the human body. But do you know that the wind strongly influences the actual temperatures felt by your body? Everywhere you go, the Skywatch Meteos instantly gives you the temperature felt by your body and prevents you from getting frostbite and hypothermia.

Calculation: The perceived temperature is calculated taking into account the air temperature and the wind speed. In the event of wind, it gives an indication of the heat loss if the temperature is below 37°C and of the heat increase if the temperature is above 37°C.



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